Update #1

The status quo is not an option.

It has been just over one month since the launch of the campaign and I have been busy out talking to people across the district whenever I have the opportunity. What I have heard is a loud call for more progressive leadership that is responsive, inclusive, community-driven, and reflective of the changing needs of District 11 and our city. People I have spoken with care deeply about the environment and are concerned about the impacts of climate change. New residents to the area are excited to live here and are looking to be part of building our community for the future. Businesses are worried about impacts of COVID, but are figuring out how to adapt and are starting to imagine new opportunities, as only entrepreneurs do. Neighbours are caring for neighbours, and people are starting to reconnect in new and different ways. And there are many important things that need to be addressed, like litter, speeding, and quality of municipal services. It is inspiring and wonderful to meet and talk with so many engaged folks. What Is becoming clear is that this is not business as usual. Not on the campaign trail, nor in city governance. 

The next few years are going to be a tremendous challenge as our city responds to changing circumstances. More than ever our city needs experienced leadership that is not afraid to ask tough questions and keeps the well-being of our citizens at the forefront. We will need to be creative and find new ways to work together. The status quo is not an option. If you believe this too, then I need your help.

Call for support.

Over the next three months I will be knocking on more doors, meeting up with new folks, and putting my best effort forward to be a voice of experience, change and positivity for District 11. Ways to help support this effort: 

  • Signing up to knock on doors with me, particularly in your own neighbourhoods

  • Sharing my message and campaign with friends, neighbours and local community groups

  • Liking, sharing, and following my social media (Big help and as easy as click!) You can find me @pattycuttell11 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Distributing campaign postcards 

  • Making a donation

Please contact me at votepattycuttell11@gmail.com or sign up to volunteer on my website at www.pattycuttell.comChange does not just happen. It takes people who care. Let’s do this, together.

Warm regards, 


On-line donation button working! It took over a month to open up a bank account due to COVID, but finally the online DONATION button on the website is working! Any financial contribution helps. If you have questions about making a contribution please contact my campaign Treasurer, Dave Oyler, at davejoyler@gmail.com Patty Cuttell Candidate Postcards have arrived.  The first run of postcards promoting the campaign and providing an introduction to who I am and why I am running have arrived. If you would like some to give to your friends and neighbours, please let us know! Send an email to votepattycuttell11@gmail.com and we will get some to you! 

Community engagement events.

Connecting with people during COVID-19 has been a challenging start to this campaign. Thankfully a number of people have offered to host small (10-20 people) meet and greets around the District so I can connect with a few more folks. If you are interested in hosting a small meet and greet, please send me an email at votepattycuttell11@gmail.com


With North End friend and Spryfield born Marcus James at the Spryfield Black Lives Matter Rally. 

Stopping by Lynn Rotin's Open Studio event in West Pennant.

Volunteering to help build a trail with the McIntosh Run Watershed Association in Govenor's Brook.  

Pit stop on the way to Prospect Bay at Mabel's Farm Market for some strawberries, ice-cream, and a great chat with Mike and Alex. 

Filing my campaign papers on June 11, for District 11. 



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